Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out our site!
When you think you have a good idea, you do. The bad idea is not to see it through.

Please, do yourself some good...

Take a couple minutes and think of the last great thought you had. What was it?

Was your thought to change something? Was it to create something? Was it to be someone?  Did you see it through?

"Okay. Well, where does Infinite Intel come in?"

"First comes thought; then organization of that thought into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."
---Napoleon Hill

Whether an idea to start your business, improve your business, organize an event, or any infinite possibility, Infinite Intel is committed to taking your genius ideas to the next step.

When you bring that idea to Infinite Intel, we will determine the skill-sets needed to get the ball rolling. We will then match the required skill-sets with a team of brilliant students from Loyola University Chicago.

Here's what we want to do for you:
  • Help crystallize the idea
  • Organize a plan to build that idea
  • Execute the plan with the talents and skills of our student team
  • Continuously build the plan until it reflects exactly what you want
  • and Infinitely more
So, not only will Loyola students help you develop your dream, but you help them by allowing them to apply that education to something great---your idea. It's a WIN/WIN, isn't it?!

"Who can get involved?"

Anyone from any city! Age is only a number. All you need is an imagination.

Also, if you are a Loyola University Chicago student of any class and want to gain some cool experience, let us know what you skills you have. We will match you up when these genius ideas start rolling in. If you declared a major,you're qualified. Think of this as a freelance internship that gives you an independent feel while creatively collaborating as a team! It's that simple.

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Maybe you don't have something this moment, but that's okay. Infinite Intel will always be here.

"What's the cost?"
You kiddin' me? All ideas are free, including this one. No Catch.

"Okay, so now what?"
LET US KNOW. If you have ideas, questions, comments, or suggestions, click on the "What's your idea?" link or the "Contact us" link at the top of the page to get at us directly. It won't be long before you start to see some real changes, we promise. The Infinite Intel idea started on March 6, 2010--we believe have come a long way ourselves.

So, ask your self: "What have I got to lose?"